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Qingdao Piercing Factory
Ifline was professinal manufacturer in body piercing.
We started our factory in 2005 in Qingdao, China.
With 7 years development, we've grown up to a comprehensive manufacturer.
Our customers are from EU, America and Asia. Now, we can make a large scope of items,
from BCR, Barbell, Belly ring, Circular barbell, Labret,Nose studs, segment,
Flesh Tunnel, Plug, Expander, Taper, eyebrow piercing to Casting, Crystal series,
Frido Epoxy Piercings almost all the products in the market.

Since our establishment, we've been  believing good quanlity is the key for a company' success.
We do not focus on one business' success, but with good quanlity,
we could win more and more chances for a long development.
Therefore, We choose very good materials for producing high quality Body Piercing Jewelry,
including 316LV Surgical Stainless steel, 316L Stainless Steel Casting,
Grade 23 titanium ,Crystaline ,Anodized Steel,PTFE, Silicone , Prex &Glass,Acrylic and UV.

Good quanltiy, comprititive price, and on-time delivering plus
are the reasons you choose us. If you need, connect us now!

your Qingdao Piercing Factory Team


Qingdao Piercing Factory
a professional Body Piercing Manufacturer Factory in Qingdao CHINA.